Surf convo grows Waves

The crashing of tall waves, the smell of sea salt, the sight of longboards and wetsuits lining up along Pacific Coast Highway, all before sunrise. Welcome to Pepperdine’s surf convocation. Surf convocation unifies Pepperdine’s Christian […]

Campus Life

Technology: Helper or hindrance?

Does technology in class help or hinder? That is the question. Technology can improve the organization, efficiency and interactiveness of the classroom experience. However, it can also be a distraction, luring students onto social media […]


Small college brings big change

Diversity. So tangible, yet so difficult to grasp. Universities are constantly working toward greater diversity in the student body and in the faculty because it enhances academic discussion, promotes experiential learning and equips students to […]


Making religion classes comfortable for all

Pepperdine’s religion professors walk a tightrope when instructing students in Religion 101, 102 and 301. With approximately 78 percent of undergraduates adhering to Christian denominations, many people in Pepperdine’s mandatory religious GEs said they feel […]

Campus Life

Becoming a Wave

Walking into Waves Cafe, anxiety runs through the veins of a transfer student. “Will there be anyone I know?” the student asks herself, turning the corner and searching for a friendly face. New Student Orientation […]