Pepperdine University journalism classes produce this news site. The work is solely the students, under the editorial leadership of journalism professors. Journalism professors decide what stories get published.

Pepperdine also has award-winning student-led news organizations that are editorially independent from the journalism classes, professors and the university. This includes all of Pepperdine Graphic Media, which includes the printed Graphic, Graphic Online, G-News, Currents Magazine and several special editions. There is also NewsWaves, a twice weekly news show covering the communities around Pepperdine.   NewsWaves streams live online most Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 p.m. during the semester. For breaking news, check out the Graphic Online.

Pepperdine University is a Christian University dedicated to preparing students for lives of purpose, service and leadership. The Pepperdine journalism program affirms that “truth, having nothing to fear from investigation, should be pursued relentlessly in all disciplines.”

The stories on this site cover Pepperdine University and the surrounding communities. The views expressed in news stories are diverse and, of course, do not correspond to all views of any university board, administration, faculty, staff, student or other constituency. Students are encouraged to pursue truth as best as it may be ascertained; any inaccuracies should be reported immediately via the contact page.

Dr. Christina Littlefield, associate professor of journalism and religion, maintains the site with the technical assistance of Sergio Marquez, Pepperdine broadcast engineer and studio technical operations specialist.

Student journalists also help produce the site. Marley Penagos is the current student web editor. Abby Wilt, Makena Huey, Omar Murphy, Jennevieve Fong, Kristin Vartan and Madison Harwell are all past student editors of the site.

This site is possible because of a Pepperdine University Technology and Learning Grant. Communication Professor Chris Stivers was instrumental in its completion, as were students Madison Harwell, Rachal Marquez, Lauren Davila, Andie Unson, Diana Kim and Ryan Doyle.

Corrections? Concerns?

Please contact Pepp Post Editor Christina Littlefield
Associate Professor of Journalism and Religion
Pepperdine University
(310) 506-7086