Campus Life

Choosing from a sea of IP options

London? Lausanne? Buenos Aires? It’s a game of roulette to guess which Pepperdine international program will fill up first, as the popularity of a program shifts from one year to the next. While all seven […]


Pepperdine’s Latino community lacks cohesion

To some students Pepperdine is a slice of heaven, full of smiles, BMWs, Christians and great opportunities. However, for others, the breathtaking view isn’t enough to mask the apparent lack of ethnic representation on campus. […]

Campus Life

High heat bothers campus residents

A morning fog settles onto a jagged coastline that stubbornly tries to embrace the ocean. As quickly as the fog creeps in, it diffuses as the sun rises. When the rest of the world is […]


Surf convo grows Waves

The crashing of tall waves, the smell of sea salt, the sight of longboards and wetsuits lining up along Pacific Coast Highway, all before sunrise. Welcome to Pepperdine’s surf convocation. Surf convocation unifies Pepperdine’s Christian […]

Campus Life

Technology: Helper or hindrance?

Does technology in class help or hinder? That is the question. Technology can improve the organization, efficiency and interactiveness of the classroom experience. However, it can also be a distraction, luring students onto social media […]