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Disney takes Pepperdine

When you wish upon a star, you may end up creating an international company that is responsible for filling households with fantasy, imagination and magic. Walt Disney did exactly that when he transformed his studio […]

Campus Life

The juicing phenomenon: Detoxing or damaging?

Alongside gluten-free diets and almond milk alternatives prevails another notorious health trend in Los Angeles: juice cleansing. In a city where the health-conscious swap Lay’s chips for kale chips and sip on kombucha, juice cleansing […]


Are LGBT students making waves?

Pepperdine University is no longer included in Princeton Review’s ranking of the “Top 20 LGBT Unfriendly Schools.” The university is now in a unique place of debating inclusion. In the wake of national trends of […]

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Waves explore on the weekend

It’s no secret that Malibu is one of Southern California’s most isolated cities. Hidden in between sprawling canyons, Malibu provides its residents with the quiet feeling of serenity and security. It is close enough to […]