Derailed: The Great Recession and its lasting effects on Pepperdine alumni’s careers

2006 graduate Owen Ranger on a trip to Spain while he was attending Pepperdine’s abroad program. Ranger has not held a full-time employment position since his graduation during the Great Recession (Photo courtesy Owen Ranger).

The Great Recession impacted millions across the United States. Pepperdine University alumni who graduated during and around the recession were not immune to the job scarcity this economic downturn created. This podcast gives Pepperdine alumni an avenue to share their stories about the hardships, battles, mental challenges and other obstacles aspiring professionals faced due to the Great Recession.

College enrollment into two-year colleges, four-year colleges, undergraduate programs and graduate schools spiked during the Great Recession. 

Unemployment rates spiked for college graduates during the Great Recession.

Men faced higher unemployment rates than women in the Great Recession.

Griffin Finck completed the reporting, writing and production for this story under the supervision of Dr. Christina Littlefield in Jour 590 in Spring 2020.